Original 63Wh Battery for Fujitsu CP656340-01

Original 63Wh Battery for Fujitsu CP656340-01

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    Parameters of Battery
    • Battery technology: Li-ion
    • Output voltage (volt): 10.8 Volt
    • Capacity: 5800 mAh / 63 Wh / 6-Cells
    • Color:Black
    • Condition: New,Original
    • Warranty: 6-Months / 30-Days Return
    List of packages:
    • 1 x Battery for Fujitsu
    Compatible Original Battery Model:
    • 34046759 Fujitsu, 34046616 Fujitsu, 38039800 Fujitsu, 34045888 Fujitsu, 38039799 Fujitsu, 38035306 Fujitsu, 38041041 Fujitsu, 38035305 Fujitsu, 1544-3531 Fujitsu, 38039798 Fujitsu, 38039797 Fujitsu, FMVNBP231 Fujitsu, 38045977 Fujitsu, FPB0313S Fujitsu, 38046029 Fujitsu, FMVNBP227A Fujitsu, 38045978 Fujitsu, FPB0297S Fujitsu, 38046627 Fujitsu, FMVNBP235 Fujitsu, 38037479 Fujitsu, FPB0298S Fujitsu, FMVNBP227 Fujitsu, FMVNBP234 Fujitsu, FPB0311S Fujitsu, CP629843-XX Fujitsu, FPCBP429 Fujitsu, CP629842-XX Fujitsu, CP656340-XX Fujitsu, FPCBP426 Fujitsu, CP645580-01 Fujitsu, CP671397-01 Fujitsu, FPCBC041 Fujitsu, CP651527-XX Fujitsu, CP671398-XX Fujitsu, FPCBP416 Fujitsu, CP651529-XX Fujitsu, CP700281-01 Fujitsu, FPCBP405Z Fujitsu, CP656339-XX Fujitsu, CP651529-01 Fujitsu, FUJ:CP656337-XX Fujitsu, CP671396-01 Fujitsu, CP700283-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP671397-XX Fujitsu, CP656338-XX Fujitsu, CP656337-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP700283-XX Fujitsu, CP656340-01 Fujitsu, CP700282-XX Fujitsu, CP671396-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP645580-01 Fujitsu, CP700281-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP700281-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP656338-XX Fujitsu, CP671397-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP671398-XX Fujitsu, CP700279-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP700282-XX Fujitsu, S26391-F1386-L100 Fujitsu, CP700283-01 Fujitsu, FUJ:CP629843-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP651529-XX Fujitsu, 02A-Z16062300 Fujitsu, FUJ:CP656339-XX Fujitsu, 38045976 Fujitsu, FUJ:CP656340-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP700280-XX Fujitsu, CP700282-01 Fujitsu, CP700280-01 Fujitsu, CP651527-01 Fujitsu, CP700280-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP700280-01 Fujitsu, FUJ:CP629842-XX Fujitsu, CP700285-01 Fujitsu, FUJ:CP671396-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP651527-XX Fujitsu, CP700282-02 Fujitsu,
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