Original 65W Adapter Charger for PA5178E-1AC3 5.5mm * 2.5mm Toshiba

Original 65W Adapter Charger for PA5178E-1AC3 5.5mm * 2.5mm Toshiba

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    Parameters of Adapter
    • Input:100-240V / 50-60Hz
    • Output: 19V-3.42A-65W
    • Plug diameter outside / inside: 5.5mm/ 2.5mm
    • Connector with pin:No
    • Color: Black
    • Condition:New,Original
    • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty and 30 Days Money Back
    Package Include:
    • 1 x Toshiba Adapter
    • 1 x UK PLUG Power Cable
    Compatible Original Adapter Model(Note: The list is not all compatible models):
    • A000001210 Toshiba, A000000020 Toshiba, A000001200 Toshiba, A000007010 Toshiba, A000024820 Toshiba, A000007020 Toshiba, A000024990 Toshiba, A000051360 Toshiba, A000024810 Toshiba, A000051340 Toshiba, K000040150 Toshiba, A000007000 Toshiba, K000040220 Toshiba, ADP-65H B Toshiba, K000040180 Toshiba, ADP-65JH BB Toshiba, K000032430 Toshiba, ADP-65SH B Toshiba, K000040470 Toshiba, ADP-65JH AB Toshiba, K000043680 Toshiba, K000032580 Toshiba, ADP-65SH D Toshiba, K000040140 Toshiba, ADP-65KD AA Toshiba, K000042840 Toshiba, K000043690 Toshiba, K000040210 Toshiba, K000076350 Toshiba, K000099630 Toshiba, K000076330 Toshiba, P000538790 Toshiba, P000538780 Toshiba, K000076340 Toshiba, K000099620 Toshiba, P000538920 Toshiba, K000076320 Toshiba, P000532040 Toshiba, P000538890 Toshiba, K000041670 Toshiba, P000536670 Toshiba, P000538900 Toshiba, G71C000FZ110 Toshiba, H000001230 Toshiba, H000012040 Toshiba, G71C00024210 Toshiba, H000001240 Toshiba, P000556540 Toshiba, G71C000DL410 Toshiba, H000001250 Toshiba, P000568410 Toshiba, G71C000H2410 Toshiba, P000532210 Toshiba, P000556490 Toshiba, P000539270 Toshiba, P000568340 Toshiba, P000556480 Toshiba, H000016420 Toshiba, P000556520 Toshiba, P000567760 Toshiba, H000012020 Toshiba, P000567800 Toshiba, P000567770 Toshiba, P000604950 Toshiba, P000567790 Toshiba, P000604940 Toshiba, P000568380 Toshiba, P000556470 Toshiba, H000001220 Toshiba, P000556530 Toshiba, P000568390 Toshiba, P000602940 Toshiba, P000573270 Toshiba, P000641710 Toshiba, P000573280 Toshiba, P000641930 Toshiba, P000697430 Toshiba, P000697440 Toshiba, P000697390 Toshiba, PA_1650_81TP Toshiba, P000697400 Toshiba, P000602930 Toshiba, PA5178U-1ACA Toshiba, P000604930 Toshiba, P000602950 Toshiba, PA3714E-1ACA Toshiba, P000651570 Toshiba, PA3467E-1AC3 Toshiba, PA3917E-1AC3 Toshiba, P000697410 Toshiba, PA3396-1ACA Toshiba, PA3917U-1ACA Toshiba, P000697420 Toshiba, PA3714E-1AC3 Toshiba, V000055400 Toshiba, P000651540 Toshiba, PA3714U-1ACA Toshiba, V000061690 Toshiba, P000568350 Toshiba, PA5114E-1AC3 Toshiba, V000061700 Toshiba, P000568400 Toshiba, PA5178U-2ACA Toshiba, V000061290 Toshiba, PA5178E-1AC3 Toshiba, V000055210 Toshiba, V000180640 Toshiba, V000055220 Toshiba, V000150400 Toshiba, V000230360 Toshiba, V000230420 Toshiba, V000180660 Toshiba, V000180670 Toshiba, V000180650 Toshiba, PA3714E-1AC3 S Toshiba,
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